our Tutors

Our tutors are the back bone of any teaching academy hence we don’t compromise on hiring the best teacher. At Online Tutor Kids academy, we strive to hire top quality tutors who agree to our mission.


Have Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees


Graduated from recognised universities


Have 5+ years of teaching experience

Top notch

Obtained more than 80% grades or 3+ GPA

Give Extra Time

Happy to give some extra time other than normal class hours


Can communicate in English

Looking for some more advanced teachers?
Talk to us and we will hopefully find one.

Tutor Selection Criteria​​​

Qualification and Degrees

Our teachers have a qualification of either Bachelors, Masters and PhD. This ensures that they know enough and beyond the subject. We don't hire teachers who haven't graduated.

Teacher Achievements

We also look for any great achievement which makes the teachers stand out. Achievement doesn't always mean medals. We love to hire teachers who are able to raise the grades of an average student.

Teaching Experience

Our teachers have 5+ years of teaching experience. This ensures that the teaches have gone through the ordeal. This means that they know how to manage the students. They know how to teach the subject. They know how to retain concepts.

Teaching Style

Not every knowledgeable tutor knows how to teach. Teaching requires starting the subject from a level which is quite basic. The basic concepts the lead to complex ones. Our teachers don't expect the student to know the topic in advance. We treat students as novice hence student always find the subject easy to understand.

Adherence to our mission & principles

We have a clear mission statement & set of principles. We only hire those tutors who agrees and stick to it. Let us know if you think any tutor of our academy is not sticking to them.

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