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At Online Tutor Kids (OTK) academy keeping your personal information private is key. Keep reading to understand how at OTK Academy we:

Collect your personal information
Storage and share your personal information
Protect your personal information

If you don’t accept this privacy policy kindly don’t enroll and provide any personal information. If you accept this policy but later don’t agree then kindly let us know. Use the contact us form at the end of this webpage and we will remove your personal information from our systems.

This privacy policy explains:

User Rights
Information we collect and its purpose
Storage and Protection
Sharing information
Cookies and Analytics
Accessing your information
Email Marketing
Data Retention
Account Closure, Restriction
Data Portability
Protection Guarantees
Children’s Privacy
Changes to Privacy Policy
Contact us for more information or complaints

User Rights

Your right to be informed – We will inform you of any changes to our privacy policy (For EU residents).
Your right of access – You have access to any of your personal information we hold
Your right to rectification – You can provide us your updated information and we will update our records.
Your right to erasure – See ‘Account Deletion, Restrict Processing’ section
Your right to restrict processing – Inform us via email to restrict processing of your personal information. See ‘Account Deletion, Restrict Processing’ section
Your right to data portability – We don’t store your data in any structured database hence there is no data portability being offered.
Your right to object – See section ‘Contact us’
Your rights related to automated decision making including profiling – We don’t do automated decision making or profiling

Information we collect, how it is collected and purpose

To start using our tutoring services, OTA requires you to provide following information.

We will contact you with the class schedule via email once we have this information. This information is also shared with the tutor.

This information is required so that we can identify whether to schedule a female teacher or a male. We believe that teaching with in the same gender helps in better knowledge understanding.

Country information helps us know your time zone hence schedule the class better. This information may also shared with the tutor.

This defines the subjects you are interested to take classes in. We will then schedule the right course teacher for the tuition trial class to start. This information is also shared with the tutor.

Trial Time
It is important to know what time you want the class to be scheduled. This information is also shared with the tutor.

This is required to avoid the situation where we schedule a teacher which doesn’t understand your language.

Skype ID
Knowing your skype id critical to schedule your class as this is a quick tool to initiate communication. In case you don’t have one then we will schedule the trial using some other means. This information is also shared with the tutor.

Phone (optional)
You may provide us this so that we contact you if Skype or email is not working for some reason. This information will not be shared with the tutor.

Contact Us / Feedback forms
You can ask any queries using the contact us form or provide us teacher’s feedback. You can also contact us by providing your Email and Question.

Website Usage Data
This helps us identify your usage habits and hence help us improve our website. See Information Sharing for more details
Storage and protection

We store your personal data in a secure area. We backup your data. Your data either while submitting the web forms, skype calls etc. are protected by top most encryption. Any of the data which goes out to our 3rd party service providers is also protected using encryption to avoid eavesdropping. SSL v2 and 3 are blocked while we enable TLS protocols. Some of your data may be kept outside of EU region. See section Sharing Information below for more details.
Sharing Information

Sharing is only done with the trust 3rd parties mentioned in this privacy policy. To be clear, when we share, the only purpose of sharing information is to assist you to perform the activities, giving you the best user experience. Your personal data will never be put on sale.
We only share with reputable service providers which are GDPR complaint.
Sharing with Service Providers

AQKA tuition service has engaged few renowned service providers to give you a good tutoring service. We use them for different services ranging from card payments handling, storing backups or sending marketing emails. No service provider can process your information for their businesses needs.
Here is the list of service providers whom we share your personal information:

Drop box: This is used to backup your data in case the primary storage is lost. DPA from drop box:
Google: Gmail is primary used to receive your tuition trial forms. Google DPA:
2Checkout: This manages all payments. We don’t know or store your credit cards rather 2Checkout. Their privacy policy is:
Pure Chat: This provide an online chat service helping you contact us if other tools like Skype etc. is not helping. Pure Chat DPA is:


Some of the service provider have their data processing servers outside EU region. This means your personal data will be kept outside of EU region. Having said, all of your personal information is still protected as per the service provider’s DPAs mentioned above.
Company Merger or Acquisition

If we ever merge with another entity or bought you personal information will be shared. Your information will still be protected by the new entity. There is no merger or acquisition as planned. We will keep you inform when such happens.
Cookies and Analytics

Our website uses cookies to learn some of your website usage behavior and in return helps us improve our website content. Cookies are commonly used for this purpose. Cookies are used in following scenarios:

Website Session Cookie – Maintains a session on our website.
Anonymous Tracking Cookies – This is done by Google and PureChat. To protect you privacy, you may opt out using the following links:
Google Analytics – click
Google Adwords – click

Note that we does not store advertising cookies of any type.
Accessing Your Information

Contact us using the form below to ask us about which of your personal information we hold.
Email Marketing

Note that we rarely send marketing related emails. If we do, you can opt-out from all marketing email messages via an “unsubscribe” link. This link can be found at the bottom of our marketing emails.
Data Retention

Your personal data is always kept safe at our end. If required, you can request to delete your personal information. For paid customers some of your personal information will be kept for accounting purposes.
Account Closure, Restriction

Email us to delete your personal information we keep. Such requests are processed within 7 days. Restrict processing requests are processed within 3 days. Once your request is processed we will inform you.
Protection Guarantees

Securing your personal information is of primary importance to us. We ensure at all levels that no information is leaked or accessible in un-authorised way. Like any other system giving a 100% guarantee is not possible. In case of any personal information related breach, you will be notified within 72 hours. We will engage you via your email when this happens.
Children Privacy

We take students privacy quite seriously hence all of our website content is child safe.
Privacy Policy Changes

We will update our privacy policy at regular intervals and keep you informed as they get implemented. We recommend you to review this webpage every now and then. Let us know if you disagree to our updates using the contact us form below.
Contact us

We love to hear you in case of any concern or confused. We normally respond during the same week. You may contact a supervisory authority to raise any of your privacy related concerns.

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