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You might be a lucky person if you do not lose your sleep over Statistics. Yet, as per a study from University of Kansas, 80% of students suffer from “statistics anxiety”. Anxiety is not something that you can sweep under the rug. It finally leads to stress or depression and this is where students find it hard to stay focused and positive.

Online Tutor Kids is committed to keep you away from stats anxiety by allowing access to quality online stats tutors. We know that anxiety does not end well. We can save you from a vicious cycle and you can trust your complex statistical equations and concepts to experts in our team.

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stats Disciplines WE COVER

With many years’ experience and a practical understanding of the stats, our teachers are ready to make stats easy. They know stats inside out and they understand a vast variety of statistical topics. These topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Binomial distribution
  • Bayes’ Theorem
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Combinations
  • Expectation values
  • Factorials
  • Least squares
  • Outliers
  • Probability
  • Poisson distribution
  • Prediction Interval
  • Regression
  • Random variables
  • Standard deviation
  • Sample variance
  • Statistical significance
  • Z-scores

The above is just a short list of much more we teach. At online tutor kids we teach kids of all ages studying in either schools or high schools. We provide highly qualified subject matter stats experts for elementary, junior, middle, high school, GCSE / IGCSE and college going kids.

Get Virtual Help for Stats Homework

You cannot deal with 21st-century problems in a 19th-century style. Everything is virtual these days and look at how lucky you are. You can get statistics homework and assignments help online. Number 1, you visit our site, number 2 you fill in the free trial form and number 3 … well, number 3 is free and immediate trial that you get.

Online Tutor Kids is committed to saving students from stats anxiety and its consequences. Our solution is based on ethical and legal practices. We help you with your homework or difficult assignments. But we do not offer an academic writing service. The purpose of our service is to train you to solve statistics problems on your own.

Ours is a team of subject matter specialists. This is why you only get a statistics teacher for your statistics problem. It is not that we assign a mathematics teacher to do this job. Our teachers have extensive stats teaching experience under their belt. They are praised for teaching complex concepts in a very easy way.

Improve Your school Grades, Fast

At Online Tutor Kids we know that it is not only anxiety that leads students to depression. We understand that the grade game can be very unnerving. It’s not that concepts are too difficult to understand, but because the learning curve is big. With our solution-oriented teaching, we reduce the curve.

Grasp Simple to Difficult Concepts

We offer you a personalized one-on-one tutoring experience. This means that you’d be entitled to all the time that you will pay for and you will not share that with other students. Ask as many questions as you want and understand simple to difficult concepts with ease.

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Subject Matter Experts

Our experienced stats tutors have degrees from top universities. This ensures that they are one of the experts.

Thoroughly Experienced Mentors

They are caring and experienced teachers knowing how to explain complex topics in the shortest amount of time.

Understand Kid's Psyche

Not ever student is the same. Our tutors mold their teaching styles to fit your child needs.

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