Frequently Asked Questions

Find below answers to some of the common frequently asked questions.
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Is your service child safe?

Absolutely!. Kindly check our privacy policy. We abide by strict rules for child safety. Student personal information is never shared with any other 3rd party. We protect the communication with high grade encryption.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

Not at all. We follow a pay as you go model hence you only pay for the month you study. Payment is done in advance. You also covered with Money Back Guarantee. You can leave by just giving a 3 days notice period.

Are there any specific tools/system requirements?

You need a reasonable machine e.g. 1.5 GHz on wards, 4 GB RAM with 10 GB of free storage. Storage is needed to save your recordings. Ensure you must have a good mic and headset. We recommend to use either from Logitech or Plantronics for best experience.

How are tuition classes conducted?

We use Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoom software. GoToMeeting and Zoom is only used in situation when Skype is not working in your region. There is no traveling involved.

Who are the tutors?

Our tutors have obtained Bachelors, Masters or PhD degrees. They have obtained their degrees from a HEC (Higher Education Commission) recognized universities. Our tutors Pakistani based. Our tutors have 5 years of teaching experience in the related subject.
See more details in our About section.

Skype is not working in my area what can be done?

In this case we will use GoToMeeting or Zoom apps for the tuition class.

How are the tutors screened?

We have a detailed tutor checking process which ensures:

• Tutor is qualified for the subject
• Degrees are checked for validity and authenticity
• Check experience letters
• Test to ensure the tutor has good communication skills

See more details in our About section.

How can I make payments?

You can make payment using any of the following approach:

• Pay online via debit, credit card
• Paypal
• Western Union
• Direct bank transfer

I am not happy with the tutor what to do?

Contact us using the contact us form. Provide as much details as possible including:

• Your and tutor name
• Subjects read
• Issue you are facing
• Any suggestion on how to avoid the issue
• Do you want to change the tutor

How Money Back Guarantee works?

Yes we have a comprehensive Money Back Guarantee. See the details here.

I believe you also offer discounts?

Correct, we do offer discounts based on your need. See our fee plan for more details.

Will I get recording of the sessions?

It depends whether you need it or not. The tutor will ask the student or the parent upfront whether to record the session or not. If required, we enable recordings at the start of the call by the tutor (after student’s consent). After the class, the recording will be available to you. You can then download it. The recordings are there for you to revise the subject at your free time. You must not share these recording with other students.

Do you have a refund policy?

Sure, check our refund policy.

Do you have female tutors?

Yes we have both female and male tutors. We will schedule a female tutor for girls.

Not sure which online tuition service to choose from?​

While selecting the right academy see the following traits:

  1. Are they punctual?
  2. Do they offer a free trial before becoming regular?
  3. Is their fee manageable?
  4. Do their teachers have good educational credentials?
  5. Do they offer teaching at your schedule?
  6. Do they offer Money back guarantee?
  7. Do they have female tutors?

If the answers to the above is yes then go for it.

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