Online Tutor Kids

Online Tutor Kids Academy is a world class, private, one to one, online tutoring academy teaching students world wide. We provide qualified tutors who are subject matter experts and have taught the subject for many years. Alhamdolillah we have one of the best and knowledgeable tutors. Our tutors enjoy teaching students and want to see their students succeed. With Money back guarantee and free trial classes you have nothing to loose!

Our Mission

Help students grow by providing top quality tutors who inspire, educate and respect

Our 8 Principles‚Äč

Build Trust

Teachers must build a relationship of trust with the student. Trust build over time. Trust takes months to solidify and a second to break. Tutors must be such that they can be trusted. They must be like a true friend helping in the hour of need. As it goes; A friend in need is a friend indeed

Teach to Serve

Every student gives tutor the opportunity to serve the humanity. Teaching is not about making money. It means to give back what tutor has learnt. Great tutors don't bother going an extra mile to ensure their students learn. Tutors must remember they were students once in the past. They must put them selves in the same shoes and see what they expect.

High Moral Values

Don't just teach a subject, teach how to live. Moral values are scarce whether its in students or tutors. Our tutors must set high values in them selves. Tutors must be truthful, honest, helping, humble, believer, pious and above all fear almighty ALLAH

Be Responsible

Being a tutor is a great responsibility. You can make or break a student's career. Being responsible is in terms of many factors. The tutor must take equal responsibility of poor grades or failure of the student. Show eagerness to impart knowledge. Show timeliness and discipline. Not shy to amend mistakes. Show the true picture to the student and don't make false promises

Show Patience

Yes one of the most important aspect of a good tutor. Students are dull, average, good and smart. They come in all forms. They have different backgrounds, circumstances, location, living conditions, schools and aptitude. It is the tutor who has to be patient and device new ways to teach a student. Patience hence count a lot. A tutor who looses patience is not a good.

Aim for Top Results

Education is essential but aim for top results. Results do matter. Education is not just to education but it is given to achieve some goals. Tutors must set clear goals and guide the student to the next mile stone.

Quality over Quantity

Learning comes first; don't rush to wrap up the course. Tutor must ensure that the student is learning the subject matter and not just parsing topics. Finishing the course gives a false sense of satisfaction to students. What matter is what they have learnt and not what they have studied.

Tutors are Mentors

Tutors are like light houses, always there to guide, all the time. Tutors are like navigators. There role is to set the path. They identify the hurdles much in advance and guide. They are like weather stations telling what to expect soon.

Our Tutors