Online tutoring: A step by step guide

Online tutoring: A step by step guide

As the usage of the internet is growing. Hence, the demand for online tutoring business is also increasing. Students and parent’s feedback has been good about online tutoring. They know what can be accomplished with the help of online tutoring. Many teachers are looking for a place in an online tutoring business. However, the question is how to get started with it? You’ll need proper online tutoring platforms to get started. So here’s a step by step guide to starting the online tutoring.

Analyze the skills you need


First of all, you need to find out the advantages and disadvantages of online tutoring. You’ll need to understand the online tutoring business and develop a business plan that you’ll be following to attract an audience. Understand what skills you need to deliver to the learners to get the best results.

You might have following questions in your mind before you get going with it:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • How will you persuade them to choose you over the other competitors in the market?
  • What value will you provide to your customers?
  • What’s your unique way of selling your skills?

The online world has provided new opportunities to professional teacher and subject experts. Now they can teach students by sitting at their home. Also, teens who have knowledge of a particular subject can also give online tutoring.

Also, the tutor must have good knowledge and experience or certification. This will help to create a trust factor for students and parents.

Reach the audience

You need to conduct a market evaluation of your target audience to know what their needs and desires are. So you could provide them accordingly. It could be done through a survey or study past track records of your target audience if available.

Then a question arises, who are the students and people that need your help?

You need to target them as per their location. Target these needs and wing it with your innovative ideas.

Selecting subject of your domain

You should select the subject of your interest or you have expertise in. Gather the information you’ll teach to the students of the selected subject or topic. If you have Specialization in the subject it will give you an extra advantage.

When you’ll have expertise and experience about the topics. You will be in a better position to explain it to students in the best possible way. Improve your teaching methods to build a healthy and enjoyable environment. Engage students through slides and interactive activities such as (Book Widgets). Have a chat with your students to know them better and build a connection with them.

Finding specific needs that match your skills


Once you through the analysis of your target audience. Then you have to find out those specific needs which match with your skills. So that you can improve the course which you are offering.

Find those online tutoring platforms, which provide video conferencing and messaging options. This is to make sure that your course can provide most benefits to students.

Then, you will be able to make your business model compete in the market. Also, determine the category of courses you would like to provide to your target audience.

Course models

If you’ve got outlined your skills and potential, the next step is to plan the course model. The foremost common models in e-learning include:

Academy model


This model may be a comprehensive, school-type model. When students come to an internet site, they’ll learn each vertical. Instead of specializing in one topic. This works like the Netflix subscription model.

The learners will get free access to all or any courses, for a monthly/yearly subscription. The scholars are eligible to access the course up to the validity of subscription. An example of this model is Skillshare.

Night school model


The high school model is taken into account to be the normal model. If you are looking for a category aside from your day job, you would possibly choose this one. Many faculties, universities, and institutions are using this model for years. In this model, a student pays an upfront fee to access a selected course and follows the curriculum to finish it.

Tutors gives standalone courses along with course material. Also deliver lecture in the form of video tutorial or via live classes. Or this can be done through physical sessions. A well-known example of this model is Udemy.

Choose an online platform

Now you have to find an online platform that suits you best. You can get your courses on it by giving them a minimal commission or some kind of registration fee. There are many online tutoring platforms but you may select the best ones. There is another solution to it, by making your own online tutoring platform. It has greater advantages as you’ll be having all the control and you can specify it according to your need. In the future, if it works out for you. You can let others get their courses on the website. Whereas you get the commission or registration fee.

Marketing your courses


Last but not the least, you need to market your courses to get a good response. If you are using an already active e-learning website. There will already be a lot of competitors. You need to make a marketing strategy to make your business successful. Use social media to advertise your business. You can use platforms like Facebook ads and influential marketing techniques. Write blog posts and promote your courses on online forums and communities.

Engage your audience with email marketing. You can send welcoming emails to new subscribers. At start, try low-cost marketing tactics to get a grip up your product by doing advertisements. You need to build a sales funnel to maximize your sales. And then convert your visitors into active subscribers. If you’ll be going for your own online tutoring platform. Then you’ll have to advertise and promote your website as a whole. It could actually give you good profits. The marketing techniques will remain the same.

How to attract more students?


When you want to attract more students to your tutoring business, these tips might help you:

  • Make a complete online tutoring profile. This includes clear text and video messages on different topics.
  • Collect the reviews, ratings, and feedback to improve your way of working.
  • Have flexibility and Keep your time zone in mind by your target audience.
  • Respond quickly and give support to students when required.
  • Be helpful when a student inquiries through direct messages.

In short, online tutoring is a growing business, and getting into it now would be great. By following the steps given above you’re most likely to succeed in this work. We hope that this guide proves to be helpful.


Becoming an online tutor without proper guidance can be difficult. We have tried to elaborate the process to make it easy for you to find and hire the right tutor for your child. Online tutoring business is growing. Hence and you should be aware of the trends to stay informed about the trends.