What is the future of personalized online tutoring

What is the future of personalized online tutoring

The demand for online tutoring is increasing due to the pandemic. This is the future of education. Due to the pandemic, parents are more willing to take online tutoring. This is in consideration as health comes first then education. So this situation has increased the scope of online tutoring. As it’s easy and safe in the current situation.

Facts about online tutoring

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According to the UN, around 22 countries on three continents have closed schools. It is due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19. In the US, school closures for eight weeks and more have declared in the country in early March 2020. Whereas, the schools in China have closed since late January 2020. And no news has published to date about the reopening of the schools. Thus, the parents and schools are adopting these home-based courses for the students.

In celebration of their daughter’s birth. Mark Zuckerberg recently announced he would be donating. This donation to a significant part of $45 billion to developing personalized learning. But the Zuckerbergs are not the only people putting effort towards learning systems.

In 2015, edtech businesses raised $2.7 billion, a figure that more than triples the $800 million raised in 2011. Many district leaders across North America are keen for a digital learning transition. A notion made evident by the thousands of K-12 superintendents. Who has taken the Future Ready District Pledge since 2014?

Benefits of online tutoring

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It is much cheaper than other tutoring methods as the tutor doesn’t have to be present. It is easy and more accessible by people. Shy students feel more comfortable interacting with the tutor. Some researches have shown more student engagement, flexibility in delivering content. And increased pass-rates. Online tutoring is for sure more personalized, adaptive, and supportive learning space.

Slow learners also enjoy this atmosphere. As they can repeat their questions without getting embarrassed. Online tutoring gets more priority than traditional tutoring these days. Another benefit of online tutoring is students are more focused and attentive. A student who has studied well can apply their problem-solving skills. He or she can apply this in any situation.

Effects of online tutoring

Nowadays, there are many online platforms for personalized tutors. It has a quite promising future in the coming times. As parents are looking for a cost-effective environment. It has been very helpful in those countries in which teachers are less than the students, so it has been an effective method.

It is to cover more number of students through online tutoring as the teacher doesn’t get much tired. The time is also not wasted by going from one place to another. It is time-efficient and convenient for the tutor. A tutor can teach according to his suitable time and from his place. And a student can learn at a time that suits him from his home itself without any hassle. The internet has done many good things. And one of them is online tutoring keeps you connected with the tutor.

There are no boundaries to it. Online tutoring has changed the education scene. It will be the most used educational way in the coming times. Due to betterment in technology has increased the scope of online tutoring. As more people have access to the internet.

Importance of online tutoring


The tutoring plan can be custom according to the student. Assignments are given and submitted online. The tutor is a single text away. Chat functions are available. Students are more comfortable seeking help from teachers online than in person. So it is clear, online tutoring will only increase in number. Not decrease because this is the future of education.

The best tutor might not be available in your current area. So people look for tutors online as technology has given us easy access to the internet. Parents always want the best for their children and especially in the case of education. Online tutoring helps you find the best tutor but also according to your needs. For example, if you’re looking for a language tutor.

Through online tutoring, you can find a native speaker for your target language. You can find tutors that linked with the top universities even if you’re not living near one. Now if you have a busy schedule and you don’t have time to work with a tutor until late or in the morning. By hiring a tutor living in a different country or continent. Different time zone will help you find someone that can work with your intense schedule. So, if you’re looking to study various subjects. Then you don’t need to run from one place to another to meet up with your tutors. You can hire different online tutors and study by staying at home. Online tutoring can save your time.

You’ll be able to have all the material related to your study right by your side. Online tutoring tools have also grown in this time as demand for online tutoring. And it has increased. You’ll have all the educational material that might not be available. If you’ll be studying in person. Finally, after using all these resources you will prepare. And know-how professionals use this technology to their benefit. or students who have a goal or a dream to study at a specified college or want to learn about particular schools.

They may be able to find an online tutor that studies in that college and works as an online tutor part-time. Or they can find a tutor that has graduated from that college will serve you well. They might be able to assist you with college admission.

The smarter environment created by online tutoring. It gives enough comfort at home and learning pace to the student.

Helping people return to education

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Millions of people have not been able to complete their education. However, they still have a desire to study. They are only waiting until a comfortable learning environment occurs. There are various reasons people can’t complete their education such as finances. As well as social, and technical issues. As online tutoring is becoming more common these days.

Many individuals are getting an opportunity to study their favorite subjects. It has many benefits for students from cost-effectiveness to personalized learning. The individuals can get in touch with the best tutors who have been teaching for a long time from any location. All these benefits were difficult to understand or reach with the older technologies. But with advancement, it has become easy.

Online tutoring is the future of education and will continue to capture the market share. As people are willing to study at home as it’s more convenient and less expensive.